More Musings

I had no idea how much writing would take me away from my blog! But before I have my cup of coffee and go to work, I’d like to comment on a few things:

a.) I just read a blog post complaining about the size of a very well-known megachurch in the South. One size does not fit all for churches. Find where you fit and stop whining about the other models where you don’t.

b.) Ralph Nader, you need to quit it. If you really care about America, then stop waiting until the primary season is almost over to declare yourself a candidate. Now thanks to your grandstanding, I will be subjected to you complaining about being “left out” of the debates and being ignored by the media. Blah blah blah.

c.) I stumbled upon a blog called Sovereign Grace Uncensored and found the site very interesting to say the least. I have had some thoughts on the movement but prettymuch kept them to myself but the recent dilemma of a former SG-er has caused me to change my mind. More on that tomorrow.

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