The Walk of Faith: Signposts Along the Way

I was thinking yesterday about the walk of faith and all the signposts believers are likely to spot on the journey. The first sign post of the faith walk is PROMISE.

The life of Abraham is a prime example of how PROMISE starts us on a journey of faith that brings us closer to God and helps us understand him a bit more.

God can’t keep quiet when he is up to something. He is the one who starts Abe on his journey, promising to make a great nation through him. Of course, all Abe had to do was pack up his wife and everything he owned and move to a place where God would show him.

Can you imagine doing that at 75?

But Abe did. Can you imagine how Abe’s family and friends must have reacted? “You heard from who?” “But what about the gods we worship here in Ur?”

What We Learn At the Signpost of PROMISE
1.) God is the Initiator of PROMISE and our walk of faith
2.) Your walk of faith is not just about you. Abraham’s journey would send ripples across eternity, giving us the nation of Israel, the Scriptures, and most importantly, the Lord Jesus Christ Himself, Savior and Redeemer. Not bad, Abe.
3.) The PROMISE is always bigger than anything you could imagine and beyond your own ability to produce it. If you can fulfill it, God didn’t give it.

Questions to Ponder
1.) What has God PROMISED you?
2.) Who else will be impacted by your walk of faith?
3.) What have you had to sacrifice to follow what God has spoken to you?

For Futher Reading
Genesis 12-13


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