The Walk of Faith: Signpost #2—Problems


When there is a promise from God, there are always problems to overcome that eventually propel you toward the promise. Abraham and Sarah’s old age and impotence were—-at least in their own minds—-stumbling blocks toward Abraham being the father of a nation of people who would change the world. Then there is David. Remember him?

The boy wonder of Israel was chosen by God to succeed Saul as king. Can you imagine what he must have felt like? Here was a little guy, tender of the sheep whose older brothers would have been the more likely pick to be Israel’s next king.

But God had other plans. David was probably exhilirated, especially after demonstrating the courage necessary to be king by defeating Goliath. So what happened after David was anointed by Samuel?


Saul tries numerous times to kill him. David is on the run. And just how does being the next king fit into all this?

The Psalms David writes are an open book into the soul of a man who runs smack dab into the middle of trouble as he is pursuing God’s will.

But what matters for us who read those psalms is that we see a man who never allowed the problems to keep him from believing and trusting God.

What problems are you facing as you pursue the will of God?

Are you tempted to give up? Remember that you aren’t just walking the walk of faith for you but for your family and all the lives you will touch as you “walk the walk.”

Like David, we need to be real with God and still maintain a reverential fear of Him as He walks with us through His school of preparation.

For further reading

1 Samuel 19-23


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