What’s A Black Evangelical To Do?

Now that we have a history-making Presidential election on the horizon, the dilemma for some black evangelicals like myself will be determining the baseline for our vote. I am already feeling the heat from other CEs (conservative evangelicals) to vote for McCain because he is not a liberal like Obama. Obamatites, on the other hand, say that we need to get our troops out of Iraq and Obama is the only candidate willing to go that far. In addition, I know that some of my friends are concerned that I will vote for Obama simply because he is Black.

While nothing could be further from the truth (btw, I haven’t decided who I’m voting for), I am glad that we finally have a presidential candidate who is someone other than a wealthy, white male. No offense, but it took the United States 232 years to do so.

2008 will most definitely be an interesting year (not to mention a prophetic one). Smooches


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