Brett Favre and Change

Although I’ve been a Bears fan for years (Cowboys and Colts are my fave-fave teams, btw) and never root for the Packers, I’ve always had a tremendous amount of respect for Brett Favre—which, of course, makes his recent comeback drama all the more painful to watch.

There comes a time for every great athlete to move on and allow someone else to take the reins. But what happens when that great athlete can’t let go and winds us creating a distraction in the organization or team he or she once led? The same thing can happen in churches and I have seen it. Pastors who retire hang around, quietly and unknowingly sabatoging the authority of the new pastor.

If you really love the team, allow them to move on. Packers, release the man for crying out loud and stop holding his desires hostage. Brett, don’t become a distraction for the very team you claim to love.

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