Sarah Palin and the Woman Question

Just when you thought Hyper Gender Sensitivity Syndrome (HGSS, not a new Bible translation unless you count the ESV) had quelled, along comes a genius to prove that the disease is alive and well.

I wonder if Mr. Brown unwittingly patrons businesses owned by women. Poor thing.

Brown: “Yes, I would like a two-piece chicken special with fries. I am famished!”
(suddenly, Brown’s expression changes for the worst)
Brown: “Wait! Young man, is this restaurant owned by a woman?”
Drive-Thru Guy: “Uh, yeah.”
Brown: “And does this woman have small children that she would be at home with raising in the fear and admonition of the Lord?”
Drive-Thru Boy: “She got four kids. Crispy or original?”
Brown: “I am sorry but my hunger and thirst for righteousness exceeds my hunger for fried chicken. Lord, I lay my appetite on the altar for You to uphold the complementarian standards you set forth in Your Word. It’s your curse that keeps me in charge and I will not let go of that.”

(drives off hungry but satisfied)


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