Historic Election

Today I get the privilege of participating in the most historic election in our nation’s history. I thought to tell you who I’m voting for but decided not to simply because there are some Christians—Democrat & Republican—who cannot help but disparage and attack believers whose views are different from their own.

Anyway, go out and vote. My one prayer for today is that God’s will be done as we do our duty. Regardless of who is elected, Jesus Christ is still Lord.

P.S.—-> Never underestimate the ability of God to change the hearts and minds of the officials we elect. Peace.


One thought on “Historic Election

  1. The only thing historic about this election will be if ACTUALLY the elected can get the things done that need to be done no matter what political ideology one might adhere to currently.

    yes, The Lord does change hearts once one turns to The Lord in repentance and love.

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