What Happened?

As a registered Independent who has no plans to pledge alliegiances to any party, there are several reasons why we have what he have today.

First, out of the box, the GOP got their behinds kicked from sea to shining sea. There are no ifs, ands or buts about it. Let’s be clear.

1. Bush. People who had issues with Bush and his policies, particularly those having to do with Iraq, exacted their revenge on the McCain/Palin ticket. Just as there was a Clinton Backlash that swept President Bush into office in 2000, now ironically there is a Bush Backlash that has done the same for President-elect Obama.

2. The economy. One of the main problems I had with the Bush administration over the years has been a lack of domestic policy. It showed during the economic meltdown, a lot of which has to do with something I don’t believe has a darn thing to do with Bush: the housing drama. Why are we taking out loans we know we can’t afford to buy homes that shatter our budgets? And why do we then complain when forclosure comes? Yes, there was some predatory lending going on but citizens have to take some responsibility too. Whatever President Bush tried was clearly viewed as too little too late.

3. Iraq. Whenever I bring up the rampant dishonesty of this administration regarding the intelligence surrounding WMD and Iraq, my audience wants to bring up the Clinton administration. Hey Pooky, two wrongs don’t make a right. Clinton’s serial dishonesty is no excuse for another administration lying. As respected members of the Bush administration exited and then questioned the ethos of the administration, it could not have helped their cause. It clearly didn’t last night.

Spiritual Issues
1. Judgement. It’s one thing to look at the election from a purely political perspective. I prefer, however, to see all things first and foremostly from a spiritual perspective. Some Christians are asking how God could allow Obama to become president. Well, I’m asking how come some Christians only want to hold all-night prayer meetings every four years. Could it be that we became too comfortable because “our boy” President Bush was in office? Could it be that once again, we have been blinded by the deception the Moral Majority created by believing that a world system (government) could ever replace the kingdom of God? Yep and yep.

2. A smackdown on the Church. We need one. There are plenty of Christians “voting on biblical principles” but I fear a disparity between voting on biblical principles and actually living them.

3. Younger evangelicals part ways with the old guard. I knew it was coming. I could tell the way I’ve seen some evangelicals who are younger than me talking about the need for change. They got it. Now let’s see what impact this shift has on the local church if any.

Closing Remarks
I have a splitting headache as I gear up to revamp this blog and focus on the kingdom agenda as set forth by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I’m ready for the right to speak out on proposals that the incoming administration will have that I will vehemently oppose. But I also have to remind myself and other upset Christian voters who didn’t get their way last night that it is Jesus who we are to look to anyhow.

Last night might finally force some lukewarm Christians to take a stand.


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