What’s Up With iTunes and iPod “Earbuds”?

I am having some major issues with iTunes. Have you ever found that bad 80’s hit you loved but could never find. Then suddenly, you find it on iTunes and click “Purchase.”

But then there’s a problem.

iTunes doesn’t bother to tell you that the version you just purchased isn’t the original version.

“But you have the chance to preview it before you buy it,” they will protest.

Yet the preview may be the darn bridge that doesn’t help you determine if the song is the version you’re looking for.



My other Apple beef is the shoddy earbuds that come with the iPod. I know that some folks mishandle and abuse their buds but I haven’t had mine for even a year and the things are falling apart. And when they aren’t falling apart, they are constantly falling out of my ears. If not for my Dell laptop ear buds, I would still be rocking my old school headphones (which, by the way, I refuse to part with).

Quality matters even in the seemingly little things and Apple needs to remember that. The cult-like worship of everything Apple that exists in some cybersphere might not be enough to keep me from switching to Zune.



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