More on 2008

Worst Movies Moments of 2008

  • Why does Ashton Kutcher keep making movies? Why?
  • What dufe (that’s dufus for short) thought it was a great idea to put up the money to back a movie based on an old TV show about the paranormal? The Ex-Files TV show became too aware of itself and frankly “too cool” for me to watch. Why torture myself with the same for $20.00 (including popcorn and soda)? Don’t think so.

Top Christian Book I Didn’t Read of 2008

  • The Shack by William P. Young. I heard all the buzz, read all the blog posts (pro and con) and still didn’t make time for it. Maybe next year.

Best Christian Podcast of 2008

  • Intouch
    with Dr. Charles Stanley
    . He might not be “cutting edge” like younger generations of leaders, but Dr. Stanley’s theological consistency is much appreciated at such turbulent times. This is the one podcast I won’t do without.

Most Pointless Christian Podcast of 2008

  • Willow Creek (yep, THE Willow Creek). If you are going to post messages for podcasts, keep your account up to date. Otherwise, save the messages for the catalog. That’s all.

Important Moment of Truth for the Church 2008

  • The fallout of the Todd Bentley revival. Essentially the charismatic movement has been divided. As a cautious charismatic, I am praying that

Best Christian Blog of 2008

  • Scot McKnight’s Jesus Creed: consistent, relevant, and Christ-honoring. My favorite of all my Blogline subscriptions.
  • Close behind is a blog I only started reading this year: Eugene Cho’s beauty and depravity. Cho’s blog is a hodgepodge of church, culture, politics, and hard questions. Keep it up!

My Personal Christian Theme of 2008

Faith and Trust. I can’t tell you how many times God used my circumstances to remind me of the importance of trusting Him in faith.


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