Peace Out to 2008

I love year-end lists, especially when I don’t have to write them. That doesn’t mean, however, that I don’t have some observations:

Top Newsmakers

  • Barack Obama. Whether you voted for him or not, the fact is that the United States of America elected its first African-American president. The election was historic not only because of ethnicity but also because of gender. We had two women, Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton, figure prominently in the Presidential race. In fact, many are touting Palin as the new face of the GOP of the future. The 2008 election has rewritten the history books for certain.
  • The Recession. No matter how hard the Bush administration tried to NOT use the “R” word, the economic realities that encumbered so many Americans would not be silenced. The economy affected everyone (including me!) and caused us to make choices to adjust to the shifting sands of the economy.


Top Album (Personal Choice)

  • If I had answered this question, I would have mentioned Jon Foreman of Switchfoot and his ambitious project Limbs and Branches. But my personal pick for the best album of 2008 is Brooke Fraser’s Albertine. How I almost missed this sublime gem is beyond me. Thankfully, I didn’t. Among the strongest cuts are “C.S. Lewis Song” and “Love, Where Is Your Fire?” Fraser manages to create the sublime without being cheesy or contrived. The melodies are haunting and linger hours after you hit the stop button on your iPod.


Most Ridiculous Claim

  • If I hear another gay or lesbian person claim that the “struggle” for gay rights mirrors that of the civil rights movement, I’m going to scream. I have friends who are pro-gay rights and even they thought the assertion was nothing short of absurd. I find nowhere in Scripture where being Black was a moral/discipleship issue. Sexual immorality, however, is.


The Real Slim Shady (Shadies)

  • Here’s an un-shout out to all the crooks who got over and begged for “bailouts” while regular folk like me cannot ask for the same.
  • Bernard Madoff, crook and Shady extraordinaire. The one thing we have to keep in perspective, however, is that we will continue to pay for him even after he’s in prison. Oh well.


More later…


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