The Big Idea of the Christian Faith

Having watched a number of Christian programs over the last several years, the one thing that troubled me was the obscuring of the central message and big idea of the Christian faith: the cross of Christ and the newness of life available in Him.

Prosperity doesn’t cut it.  The recent economic woes should have laid the smackdown on that foolish notion.  Church growth doesn’t either.  Sorry but let’s kill conferences on how you can start a church with  500 hundred attendees (not that some church haven’t started that way because I personally know of several that have).  The big idea of the faith does not revolve around the latest book or teaching tape release from your favorite pastor.  Enough of ministries and church planting organizations trying to “brand” Christians with their logo while ignoring the fact that Jesus Christ has already bought us with His blood (1 Cor. 6:20).

And enough of Christless, crossless, holy-less, repentless “revivals” where the only one being exalted is the revivalist.

And conservative, non-charismatic/Pentecostal evangelicals need not get too smug about not being caught up in the sign-chasing and false prophetic words that have given biblical, Christ-honoring folks in that camp a bad name.  There is idol worship even in Reformed circles where, yes I am about to go there, pastors are trying to out-Piper John Piper himself.  There’s only one Mark Driscoll.  He walks in his God-given calling; walk in your own.

*Wipes forehead*

Well, now that I got all of that off my bosom, how was your day?  It’s gonna be a lovely 2009 for the body of Christ 😆

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