Winds of….Well…2009

I’m no prophet but there are a few brisk winds a-blowin’ in the body of Christ for this year. I’m not sure why I have an inexplicable anxiety about this year (not for me personally, which is a switch).  Hopefully, it’s just another bad Yankees season on the horizon (j/k…I can’t deal with another season like last season).  Anyhoo, here are some things I’m looking for:

  1. The re-definition of the term “evangelical.”  Since some younger evangelicals jumped on the Obamawagon, there are others in the body of Christ who don’t wish to be identified with them.  I’m not sure what they will call themselves.  Orthogelicals, Demogelicals, Repugelicals—who knows.  But the divide will become more pronounced.
  2. The death of “missional.”  My username is missional girl and that won’t change because the name reflects what I am about.  But since the American church needs infatuation with labels to stay interested in Jesus (yeah, I said it), it only makes sense that we would move on—and apparently we have.  Now perhaps we will see the resurrection of “Christian.” It’s just so hard to outdo the original.
  3. The chin-checking of some evangelical ministries.  Sovereign Grace Ministries had better address the mess that’s brewing in their ‘hood.  They along with another prominent denomination are being accused by several former members of being authoritarian and of ignoring sexual abuse allegations leveled at fellow members.  No one wants to hear about humility or about the importance of submitting to leadership that is allegedly derelict in its God-ordained duty to shepherd the flock of God.  Inherent in the role of pastor is guarding and nurturing.  I refuse to call them a cult because I am certain that there are people and leaders in those circles who love Jesus with all their hearts.  But at some point, they need to deal with the issues at hand. God forbid if people are allowed to slander a group or denomination and the truth not get out there. 
  4. The prayer revival.  Not sure if this is sparked by the rise of Barack Obama to the presidency and Christian just now figuring out that the Church needs to be praying but I can totally see a prayer revival and I’m not referring to flaky “intercession” that is rooted in too much pizza and beer.  Maybe we can get around to praying for our enemies too and not simply offering God a list of how He can get glory out of us having a lot of bling.  Oops, did I say that?

2 thoughts on “Winds of….Well…2009

  1. Love your blog…but I disagree that “missional” is on the way out. “Emergent” yes, but I think “missional” will stick around because IT ACTUALLY SAYS SOMETHING. 🙂 Don’t give up on it!

  2. I see exactly what you mean. One would think that we would hold on to “missional” because of that little thing called the Great CoMISSION but I fear that after certain folks have written their books and held their conferences on the idea, others will have moved on to something else that sounds catchy. But it could be worse. I rather people give up on the name than to give up on the mission of Christ Jesus. Peace.

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