I Don’t Listen to Christian Music Radio, Pt. 2

If I sound like a theo-snob, so be it.  But CCM isn’t the only music sinking. 

Urban gospel music is no better and in my opinion, has been hijacked by dangerous Word-of-Faith, “Money, cometh to me” ideology.  Turn on the radio and be amazed by the number of songs that demand a blessing from God.  There are plenty of songs by very popular gospel artists that are firmly rooted in the TBN-Word of Faith heresy that turn the word of God into mere PIN numbers for whatever blessing they are seeking.

Name it, claim it, blab it, grab it foolishness gluts the airwaves and consequently siphons off the meat and substance of God’s word, helping to produce a generation of stuff-seekers and not Christ-followers.

Please don’t get me wrong.  I’m a grown behind woman who has been through enough stuff to understand exactly what it is like to be in situations that spur me to cry out to God for a miraculous move.  Of course seeking God for such is not sinful.

But it shouldn’t be the only reason we seek God.

Christ-centered music that glorifies Him with no strings attached is the music that has touched me the most.

What do we want more: the stuff God has for us or the God of the stuff?

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