Idolatry in the House

Well, my aversions to ever declaring myself anything other than a Christian are even more justified by the theo-slapping going on over NeoReformed foolishness.  Scot McKnight called out the nonsense (read here) and internetmonk adds his own thoughts worth reading.

As a believer well-versed in reformed doctrine (I currently belong to a reformed church so I’m not creating drama to be a boop), I have grown tired of what I perceive as idolatry in reformed circles.  Yes, before folks go gangsta, there is plenty of clergy idolatry in other parts of the body of Christ.

But NeorReformed foolishness is what I’m taking to the shed now.

From my vantage point, there are too many male pastors in NR circles trying to be little John Pipers or CJ Mahaneys.  Sovereign Grace and the nonsense that currently grips their denomination would have non place if not for the fact that they have pastors in that camp who literally worship the ground Mahaney walks on.

Same for Piper as far as clergy-worship.  This is not an attack on Piper (I love Future Grace though I disagree with some of his premises in part).  Driscoll is Piper on steriods and other unmentionables go out of their way to malign non-reformed pastors and leaders.  I know of one Reformed group that won’t even carry non-Reformed books and curriculum to protect theological purity.

What the beep ever.


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