The Un-Reformation

It suffices to say that thoughts by Michael Spencer on the collapse of evangelicalism. He summed up succinctly what I and a host of other believers have been struggling with for the last few years. I won’t rehash his comments.

I will only say that I personally am not looking for a reformation that heals the insipidness of denomininationalism.

Enough already.

What will come next is the complex power of Christ-centered consistency.

No frills, no foolishness, and no cool.

And I’m a Gen-Xer who has been “cooled” to death over the year. The buffet of “me a la carte” and “Jesus Lite” have left the American church sick to the stomach.

The course will be set, however, not by how much we blog about the gravity of our mess but rather how we respond to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and how we return to our first love.

God is not accepting any more theses pinned to the door of a church door; He wants His Word and His character manifesting in and through the believer.

The Great Conformation can now resume its regularly scheduled work.


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