Joshua 5.1-12: Destiny Is an Inside Job

This short but powerful passage illustrates the faithfulness of God to a new generation of Israelites whose parents were circumcised but didn’t live to experience the destiny they were promised because of unbelief. Ironically, on the other hand, the next generation of Israelites—the children of the Unbelieving Generation—are on the cusp of destiny but have not been circumcised.

Circumcision was the physical sign of covenant with God and the fact that this ironic twist peppers the pages of salvific history illustrate one big idea for me to grasp: Destiny is an inside job. You can have the outward appearance of covenant relationship with God but the Old School generation lacked the faith–the faith that endures the unseen hard cracks of real time experience.

They lost out.

But this generation, however, the Joshua and Caleb generation, did not.

Part of taking hold of the new and going places where your parents and g-parents never went is letting go of the things that had a hold on them.

Only then, by God’s grace, can we enter enter in to the destiny God has for us.


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