The Hypocrisy of the Gay Community

I will pull no punches with this brief post. I watched as gossip whore Perez Hilton asked “the” question about whether gay marriage should be allowed. Miss California, Carrie Prejean said that marriage should be recognized as that between one man and one woman.

Now she is under attack from certain peeps for her decision to offer a biblical answer and not a politically correct one. I find it very interesting that some (certainly not all) pro-gay groups and self-appointed activists are ready to call Prejean an intolerant bigot when in fact THEY are the ones who cannot stand still while someone calmly and politely answer a question that called for her view.

If you ask Prejean her opinion, do not whine about her response. But we know that is not the real issue. Prejean would have been lauded as “courageous” if she had just caved in and ignore the consistent biblical witness against homosexuality.

But in my opinion, Prejean is courageous.

“The way I answered may have been offensive. With that question specifically, it’s not about being politically correct. For me it was being biblically correct.”

Enough said.

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