Pray for Pay?

I was disgusted earlier today watching one of my dearest friends on the planet take the time to post a prayer request on this site.


Well, the site starts off pretty well:

Receive prayers from thousands of fellow Christians!

If you or a family member is need of prayer, the Lord shall hear your request through the prayers of the entire Christian Prayer Center. You are not walking a lonely course, but rather holding hands with those who care. Christ loves everyone and is filled with happiness when they are praying together online or in church.

Healing is a long process that begins with prayer and faith. The Bible tells us what we must do, and we must have the strength to come together in Holy worship. Submit a prayer and read the prayers of those who are in need of help and guidance. Jesus loves us all. It is our religion that binds us together as humans on this Earth. God Blesses.

But after you go to the trouble of posting the request, you are asked to judge the importance of your prayer request:

How important is your request?
Not important Somewhat important Very important Extremely important

WHAT?! Since when did God call us to rate the prayer requests of those around us? Granted, when your friend Pooky asks you to agree with her in prayer that she marries someone else’s husband, the answer is fairly clear on that one and you answer her from the Word.

Guess what pops up when you “rate” your prayer?

How much would you like to offer with your request?
Nothing $7 $15 $50

100% of your offering goes to support the Christian Prayer Center to further God’s work.
Credit Card #: (info)
Expiration: /
Are you sure you do not want to offer anything? God cannot have faith in you unless you have faith in Him!

He who gives of himself receives all which is asked.

“Give, and it will be given to you. For with the measure you give, it will be measured to you in God’s gifts.” (Luke 6:38)

The Bible tells us repeatedly that the most important way to have our prayers answered is to have faith, and give with overwhelming generosity.

Give when times are tough, give when it does not seem that giving is possible, and God will reward your faith with His generosity in answering your important prayers quickly.

Foolishness. First of all, I do not find anywhere in Scripture where God “has faith” in me. That is the talk of dangerous Word of Faith nonsense that is shipwrecking the faith and testimony of so many people. Secondly, I know of too many people who have given every dime they had to some ministry in hopes of having their prayers answers. Guessed what happened?



Once I chose “Nothing”, their tenacity at getting money from me persists:

Step 2: Do you believe in what the Bible tells us?

Yes, I believe in the Bible.
No, I do not have faith.
God answers our prayers every day, and He doesn’t ask for much in return — just our faith. If you want God to answer your prayers, you must have faith in Him. God says over and over, “Making offerings is necessary to prove your faith.”

“Jesus looked at him and loved him. ‘One thing you lack,’ he said. ‘Go, sell everything you have and give it forth, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.'” – Mark 10:21

The Bible tells us we MUST make offerings to have our prayers answered. He knew what was best, and HE WANTS YOU to have your prayer answered. Jesus wants to restore our health, fill our relationships with love, and shower us with wealth and good fortune. BUT, Jesus says we must make offerings to open up the doors of heaven.

So that God may answer your prayer, what amount would you like to offer?

$7 – Small Request
$15 – Special Request
$50 – Urgent Request
$77 – Supreme Request
$365 – Divine Request
Credit Card #:
Expiration: /

What they are telling me is that because I have no money, God will not hear me. Biblical?

Heck 2 the NO!

In fact, the very spirit and method of this “Christian” site violates the example of the Lord Jesus Himself since He intercedes for us (Heb. 7:25). He does this free of charge, by the way. And no do not tell me that God the Father “sowed” Jesus’s life into the ground so that He could reap a harvest of souls to justify the greedology behind this shady money-thieving scheme. You cannot compare the blood of the Savior to a bank account since that bank account can’t keep you out of hell.

Needless to say, I stopped posting because I simply refuse to waste a prayer on this site. The Scripture twisting on this site was so blatant. The context of Luke 6:38 is not about how to get more money but about judging and offering forgiveness. Over and over, the pastor of site tells us that God has demands we give money to get prayers answered but offers NO biblical proof. This kind of lying and covetous spirit continues to rot local churches from the inside out and bring undeserved shame on other believers who are pursuing Christ no matter what their material circumstances.

Shame on Christianprayercenter.

P.S. I’m not the only one who has a gripe.



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