ChurchSpeak That Needs to Die #2: “Goin’ to Church?!”

2. “Goin’ to Church”
You’ve said it and so have I. We know what we mean but do we really? According to Scripture, the church is the body of Christ made up of His followers. The church is about being the “called out” together, meaning that we who have committed our hearts and lives to the Lord Jesus Christ are literally rowing in the same boat.

But somewhere along the way, ecclesia became a building instead of a living body. No big deal, right?


As we begin to see “church” as a place, a location, and a bullet on the spiritual to-do list, it became easier to walk away from the same.

But what happens when the called out ones properly recapture the essence of what the living body of Christ is, rowing in the same boat? People find it a lot harder to divorce themselves people than a “location.”

Thinking on these things forced me out of the habit of saying “I’m goin’ to church.” I am already a part of the body of Christ! As my bonds with those I row with in the faith grow stronger, my faith in Jesus Christ has grown stronger and iron has indeed sharpened iron.

So stop goin’ to church and be the church!

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