Conversion Confusion?

One of the reasons why so many “Christians” are falling away from the faith is because too many leaders have sought converts to their individual fellowships and denominations. As a result, we have people who are “in church” but not “in Christ” and have no roots to endure the harsh realities of the warfare of discipleship.

How can we fix this mess in the church?


One thought on “Conversion Confusion?

  1. do the following-

    1. install kneelers.
    2. center a large cross that all can see.
    3. place stations of the cross on side walls.
    4. say the rosary and have confession before service begins.
    5. for altar call- have communion distributed..
    6. using holy water- make sign of the cross on entering and exiting the church.
    7. for bible study use the complete version of the kjv.
    8. add to ordinances and enforce them.
    9. have at least three scripture readings at each service.
    10. be accountable to an overseer
    11.. pray- pray – for each other.

    do this and they will come – be consistent and they will stay.

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