Leadership Lessons from American History

The Revolution

My American history students asked me how in the world the British, who greatly outnumbered the Patriots, could have lost the American Revolution.

The reason was quite simple: the Patriots knew how to adapt their fighting strategy. When something did not work, they made necessary changes, recalibrated and moved ahead.

The British, however, were married to their style of fighting that required they march in a straight line, shoulder to shoulder. While their discipline and dedication were unquestioned, their marriage to tradition and inflexibility proved fatal.

Lesson: Sometimes, you have to change the way you fight to win the war you’re in.

God encourages a Christ-centered discipline but He is certainly not married to the methods we idolize in the pews and frontlines of the faith. Just because one group plants a church “this way” doesn’t mean I have to plant a church that way on this side of the kingdom of God.

Are you married to tradition? There are some spiritual battles we will find ourselves in that nothing outside of God’s Word and Spirit will be prepared for.

What change does the Holy Spirit want you to make in your daily life in order to overcome the enemy?


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