The Disaster That Is Pop Culture

Heard about last night’s American Music Awards. A good friend of mine showed me a few Youtube clips and my disdain for gimmicks and machinery masquerading as good pop music continues. The lowlights:

3. Jermaine Jackson barely mentioning the brother (who was the only reason he was invited in the first place). Tacky, tasteless, and tired. This kind of blatant grandstanding on a sibling’s grave defies words.

2. Lady Gaga and the Flaming Piano. Listen, I’m all for edginess but like “relevant” theology in the church, folks can overdo it a bit. I miss the days when artists were known for their talents and could stand tall even after you turned off all the pyrotechnics and all the sound equipment they hid behind in the studio. Why this poor girl is setting her piano on fire made about as much sense as Bonnie Tyler’s 1983 headscratching video “Total Eclipse of the Heart” (please watch this hot mess…I have yet to grasp ridiculousness of it all).

1. Adam Lambert’s Coming Out…and Out and Out. Perversion with no melody accompanied by an overrated screaming voice to boot, Lambert simulating a certain sex act is exactly why I’ve reverted back to the playlists of my childhood when the last bastions of melody and good messages were still around (although on its last leg). I’ll take the last leg. Nasty nonsense wrapped in pleather. No thank you.


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