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“Who’s Afraid of the Baby Jesus?”

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A close friend of mine made a razor-sharp assessment of the cultural celebration of Christmas as well as the chronic dismissal of its redemptive implications:

“If you’re not Jewish, you’re not Muslim, and you’re not an atheist and you listen to Christmas music and you open presents on Christmas morning, [then] you have no excuse not to get your a** to church Christmas Eve.”

Sometimes I think culture overindulgences on the “peace on earth” that the Baby Jesus represents to them while at the same time glossing over why there is no peace on earth to begin with.  Let’s face it, unregenerate culture: for all your toxic bravado and reveling in the ridiculous and bawdy, for all your pinning yourself and all that you worship against the door to hold back the hope you need the most, and for all your tough neo-atheistic talk reducing the Savior to a mass produced toy in a Happy Meal box, you are afraid of a Baby from Bethlehem.


Written by missional girl

December 21, 2009 at 9:19 pm

Posted in Random Ramblings

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