Hard Lessons Learned from 2009: Part 1

The year 2009 has probably been the third worst year of my 37-year life.  Still, I believe that lessons learned can redeem the time and help others along the way as we all struggle on the journey of life.

Hard Lesson  #1: Answered prayer can disguise itself as grave disappointment.

I have questioned God about the necessity of praying but I think in my own way, I equated making requests with getting what I wanted.  Not easy to admit but….juss sayin’.  This year represented the answer to a major prayer that had been on my heart for over 8 years.  Interceding for anyone’s salvation is like being a midwife.  But what happens when the “baby” dies days after he or she is delivered?

I felt hoodwinked by the Almighty as questions and doubt about God’s sensibility and goodness cut away at my faith.


over time, God continued to show His wisdom and faithfulness to keep His word.  Were my prayers and their answers all about seeing and experiencing the results and chewing the cud about the journey or what is about the one lost sheep being found?

I chose the latter and that has helped me rest in God’s character after such a tumultuous experience.

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