Five Moments from 2009

There are five moments from 2009 that, for better or worse, left an indelible print on me.

* The Rise of Obama. The United States elected its first African-American as President. I cried because as a Black woman, I never imagined this would happen in my life time. Even though I disagree with many of his administration’s policies and his shameless pandering to every point of view to please everyone, I could at least celebrate the historical weight of the moment.

* The Death of Michael Jackson. Listen, there are very few things I loved as a child that I still love as an adult now. But Michael Jackson was never really on that list. I loved him at the height of Michaelmania and at the very bottom during the horrific child molestation allegations. Maybe now, they will leave you alone Michael.

* Economic Woes. I can’t remember the economy being this bad since the early eighties when I was a prepubescent girl. Churches grappled with how to be good stewards of what they actually had while encouraging the flock to remember that God alone was their Source.

* Swine Flu. Shortages of vaccinations plus the hysterical reporting about the ravages of the outbreak kept people on the edge.

* The Gay Debate Rages in Denominations. The Evangelical Lutheran Church decided to ordain gay and lesbians persons to ministry. Add this to the implosion of the Episcopalians over the same issue and you see why not only will this issue not go away but will continue to eat away at other denominations.

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