One Thing: The Word of God

I almost changed the title of this post to “Two Things” because I have two particular spiritual goals for 2010 that I a committing to fulfill. But my main goal feeds into the second one so, problem sovled!

The one thing I am committing to for 2010 is to completely saturate my heart, spirit, mind, and witness with the Word of God. I struggle reading plans and my lack of discipline is the main red flag, not the plan. My “one thing” focus will also help me with my “second thing”: improving my own spiritual health. I am convinced that spiritual health (integrity, godliness, whatever you wanna call it) is not as high a priority on most leaders lists as it should be.

That frightens me.

I don’t want to become another sad statistic. And yes, women in leadership sin and can entangle themselves in moral/spiritual collapse that destroys lives and ministries.

Right now, I’m reading through the Pastoral Epistles, my favorite Pauline books outside of Romans. I am convicted by the Holy Spirit just about every time I read them and know that God will use them to both challenge and strengthen me.


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