Is Sunday Morning All That Important?

Before you shoot me, I’m simply concerned that too many churches are using Sunday mornings as the centerpiece for outreach. And I’m not arguing that we should shut down Sunday morning worship gatherings, for crying out loud.

What I am arguing for, however, is a radical rewiring of discipleship that challenges saints, the called out ones, to live out their faith in their respective spheres of influence (job, neighborhoods, family, school–you get the picture). I understand that culture and time are the skins that contextualize the gospel as we know it.

But when the heart and ethos of intention when it comes to how we make disciples is as compromised as it is in America, we need to rethink how we live out our faith in light of God’s Word and Jesus’ incarnational approach.

What do you think? Am I crazy?

3 thoughts on “Is Sunday Morning All That Important?

  1. Sunday morning meeting shouldn’t focus on outreach but we should have such a meeting that if unbelievers incidentally come in they would fall down and declare that God is truly among us. (1 Corinthians 14:25) If we focus out meeting on outreach the rest of us are less prepared to be lights shining in dark places. The deeper and more profound our worship gatherings are the more likely our lives outside the meeting place will be stand out, as people recognize that we have been with Jesus.

    1. Agreed. I have found that churches that focus exclusively on outreach are packed with people looking for the “next big event” instead allowing the Spirit to root and ground them in God’s Word and character. Thanks for your awesome insight!

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