Along Came a Spider…

I’ve been asking what I could have done differently to avoid the season I’m in now (physical suffering). Yet, I have avoided asking the proverbial question “Why me” because I already hear the mirror version of the same: “Why not me?” No one is untouchable even in the kingdom of God.

If nothing else, I am learning to appreciate what I normally take for granted and long not for the spectacular but the mundane (like walking to the end of the road). We all get excited when Paul speaks about knowing Christ and sharing in the power of His resurrection. But in light of the name-it-claim-it foolishness that has strangled sound doctrine in certain segments of the Church, Paul also understands knowing Christ as a means of fellowshiping with or participating in His sufferings (Phil. 3:10).

So, God is now using a nasty little spider bite and the damage it did to me to teach me not only to appreciate the easily-overlooked blessing and wonder of those things oft taken for granted but also to make me more like His Son.


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