Is Your Church Like Facebook?

Hope not.

Facebook has a notorious reputation for disabling patrons’ accounts without notice or explanation. Even worse, when people go to the trouble of trying to rectify the matter, they are stonewalled.

With so many pastors turning to the corporate and digital world for insights that will help them pastor a new generation of logged on peeps, there are some Facebook practices that we can avoid:

1. Be accessible to the people you serve. If they have a problem with what you are offering, be available to those folks with questions. Don’t hide behind poorly written mission statements or websites hoping people will get everything from them when in fact the people simply want face time with a real human being.

2. Be personal. Facebook, like so many other businesses and networks, loves to use the template to respond to the problems and concerns of those they serve. That approach works for cookie-cutter type people and problems. Of course, we know no such thing exist. To be personal is to risk the inconvenience of intimacy that connection involves.

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