In the Beginning…

For years, I have heard leaders that I respect talk about vision and how it is born out of need. But I was arrested with a thought that never occurred to me (maybe you got this one before I did, lol): vision is born not out of need but out of intimacy with God.

As I wrestle with “the next step” of my ministry journey, I am confronted with the reality that God does not want me chasing down the next “big thing” in church planting or everything missional. Instead, my responsibility is to walk daily with Him and in that closeness, listen for His heart regarding what He would like me to do and where.

The life of Abraham is one of my favorite illustrations of intimacy and vision. Abraham was known as a “friend of God” (2 Chr. 20:7; Jas. 2:23). God often appeared to Abraham, guiding him through mistakes, famines and conflicts. But in Genesis 15:1, “the word of the LORD came to Abram in a vision.” The closer we walk with Jesus, the more of His plans manifest through us. If we are chasing ideas, then we run the risk of being irrelevant, birthing ministries that answer questions no one is asking.

Challenge: Walk daily with Jesus, treasuring time with Him and waiting expectantly in His presence for everything He knows you need.


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