What Is A Heretic?

“A heretic is a baptized person who obstinately denies or doubts a truth which the Church teaches must be believed because it is part of the one, divinely revealed, and catholic (that is, universally valid) Christian faith.”

I’m an avid Youtuber in that I watch old, rare programming I can’t find elsewhere. One of the things that’s annoying me lately, however, is the constant bickering between Christian apologists and self-proclaimed “exposers” of other people’s doctrinal error. Take this offering for example:

Now I certainly don’t agree with Driscoll on everything but calling him a false teacher?


Webcam power deactivate.

MEMO: Just because you have a few dollars to get a nice webcam and video editing software and a little Bible knowledge doesn’t mean you get to assassinate someone’s character or ministry. Too often, the greatest arguments arise over secondary issues that have nothing to do with salvation. That is a sheer waste of time. Period.

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