It’s Discipleship, Stupid!

Enough with skanky adds using sex to grab the attention of FWBs and whoever else may gravitate toward the campaign.
Enough with expensive gift giveaways that look more like desperate payoffs to lure in greedy people who care little or nothing for God.

Let’s get back to discipleship, you know that messy, time consuming process where we get into the stuff of what it truly means to be a Christian, a Christ-follower who treads dangerously at times the line between humanity and divinity just as our Savior did.

Some leaders are so quick to toss money and gimmicks at the problems we have in the Church. It won’t work. Jesus never became a ringmaster with bling or bank (that’s money for those who don’t know) to draw people to Himself. He was Himself, full of grace and truth, no matter where He was. For three years, Jesus discipled or apprenticed (see Dave, I am not totally against the word) twelve men, one of whom would later betray Him.

No flash, no shine, no glam. Just Jesus and the tumultuous journey between the joy of His presence and the haunting reality of human frailty in the face of the same.

More later on the specifics of what we can do to strengthen the local church.


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