Jesus: It’s All In a Name

There is no greater Person who ever walked the face of the earth other than Jesus Christ.


Whenever I study people from the Bible, I always like to check out the meaning of their names. For one thing, Hebrew culture viewed names not just as a cute place holder on some birth certificate (Ok, they didn’t have those documents but you get the picture). Rather, names in Hebrew culture were prophetic pointers to a person’s destiny. The name “Jesus” is actually a transliteration of Joshua, which means “Jehovah is salvation.” Furthermore, “Joshua” is derived from Hoshea, a name Moses changed when he renamed the young Hoshea of Nun Joshua (see Num. 13:16).

The meaning of Jesus’ name helps us understand why it scared the literal, eschatological hell out of demons wherever He went. To speak His name is to shout “Deliverance” or “Salvation.” Poor Lazarus had no choice but to come out of that tomb because “salvation” had conquered death and its stubborn stench…but more on that later (John 11: 43-44).

How does this understand affect the way we use His name in our daily conversation? When we say His name, we are shouting “Deliverance.” Whatever we do as Christians, we do in the name of salvation and deliverance embodied, Jesus Christ. But His name is no lucky chant charm anyone gets to use like a PIN number to power. You must be in relationship with Him. Ask the seven sons of Sceva (Acts 19:13-16).


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