“7-7-7: America’s time is up”?

At least according to a gentleman who claims that the Spirit of the Lord told him this. According to weatherbill7 on Youtube, a tsunami will hit the U.S. August 10th (that’s tomorrow, folks) and serve as a sign of a September earthquake that will hit the West coast. On a site dedicated to a disclaimer to clear up misunderstandings about his prophecy, weatherbill writes:

The primary date I’ve been given for this is Sept 3rd, 2010, with the secondary dates of Sept 10th and 11th. I am 90% sure this starts Sept 3rd, 2010, but could possibly start or end Sept 10th or 11th, 2010. There are several scenarios that could play out with these dates as well, so bare in mind these thoughts. Could it be a week long event, starting Sept 3rd and ending Sept 10th or 11th? I do not claim to know. I only claim to know this hits on one of those dates in early September 2010. Whether that be the mercy quake or mega quake, I do not claim to know, so please bare this in mind! (Source)

Friends and I have discussed this word for months, trying to discern if it in from God. My own gut feeling is that it is not. I could be wrong. The Bible tells us to test the spirits to see if indeed they are from God (1 John 4:1). While comments about weatherbill7’s prophecies have volleyed back and forth the legitimacy of the word (and the speaker for that matter), my mind comes back to the Corinthian church and their struggle to maintain order in their local churches. According to 1 Corinthians 14:29,32, prophecy shared should be examined. I actually left a question for weatherbill7 as to whether or not he submitted this word to prophets in his local fellowship. I will update this post when he answers me. Hear him for yourself.

Summary of Original Prophecy

San Francisco

What do you think?


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