If This Is Evangelicalism, It Can Go to Hell

How desperate are Republicans to get the White House and Congress back? Apparently not as desperate as some well-known conservative evangelicals who have aligned themselves with a professing Mormon. Since when does someone who rejects the biblical teaching on the nature of God, Jesus, the Bible, and humanity get a hook in the jaw of so many church leaders?

*Raises hand* I know! The quest for political power and influence!

I have no problem with Christians becoming involved in the political process. Remember: it was the Church of Jesus Christ–that spurred the abolition of slavery and civil rights movement. If not for Jesus and His awesome work through the saints, I’d be swimming in colored-only pools!

Still, I am not gonna hate on Beck. My bigger problem is with leaders who have to depend on a non-Christian to call this nation back to God. If this is what evangelicalism is coming to, it can go straight to hell.


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