Popping the Christian Bubble

I teach at a private Christian high school out here on Long Island. One of the things I have noticed over the last several years with my kids is that many of them who are professing Christians are completely ignorant of what is swimming in culture.

This point was driven home to me during a rant on the part of my nephew who lamented that his private Christian education did not prepare him for the challenges to the veracity and reliability of the Old Testament his liberal, disgruntled Catholic professor offered in a class.

“How come my teachers didn’t tell me about this stuff?”

I had no answers for him.

My nephew and students’ issues can easily be translated into youth ministry. Ministry to youth must not only be about building foundational truth into their lives but also about preparing them for “out there.” That is not easy and should always understanding the defaults maturity levels of the youth you deal with.

I’m currently taking my students on a journey through major schools of thought and faith systems like secular humanism, Islam, and atheism and they are asking honest questions and making powerful insights about how to engage folks from different contexts.

Bubbles have no oxygen. They are great for preserving that which is sick. But they are not great for preparing its inhabitants to advance into the real world.

Let’s pop the bubble but still hang on to the truth of God’s word.

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