Some Thoughts on Preaching

Most preaching today stinks. According to my sister, I used to complain about bad preaching even as a child (don’t remember that one). So, here are some of my pet peeves:

1.) Preaching that does not glorify Jesus Christ is pointless.

2.) Topical sermons are pointless unless they are exegetically based.

3.) No matter what “style” you roll in sermonically, your sermon should be tethered to the text (4T). (strange thought, yaah?)

4.) Preaching other people’s sermons without their permission is like stealing the other baker’s bread off the shelf. Avoid it.

5.) Network-based sermons annoy the eschatalogical hell out of me. Pastors, get off Facebook and get on your faces before God and p-r-a-y for His word for His people. (another strange thought, yaah?)

6.) I don’t care how many degrees I have, I still need the Holy Spirit desperately to preach the Word.


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