Hypcocrisy, Women, and Missions

Just finished perusing a blog post on Ed Stezter’s blog. As much as I appreciate his support of women missionaries, I have always found it a tad suspect while women exercises their spiritual gifts overseas, those same gifts are discouraged and minimized the moment they hit western soil.



One thought on “Hypcocrisy, Women, and Missions

  1. Perhaps women and the church are still suffering from the unique Christian interpretation of the beautiful Genesis myth of Adam and Eve as if it was literal truth. The components of this myth pre-date the written Old Testament and are found in the epic poem of Gilgamesh – once lost to civilisation. Here is found the Adam-like creation from clay of an adult male. He lived naked with the animals – as did Adam – until joined by a naked female. The epic records the first man to enter the garden paradise and mentions a serpent with a human head. All these stories, along with others with striking biblical parallels had nothing to do with the origin of sin. These stories rightly belong in Genesis, but are wrongly interpreted, for when seen in the light of their origins they unveil the story of Eve quite differently. This unique myth-history preserves a fundamental event in the human story of value even today to all human beings. Eve was a heroine. (See Eden: The Buried Treasure).

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