Jay Cutler and the Cult of Hyper-Machismo

Let me state from the top: I am not a Jay Cutler fan. But I am annoyed by the attacks that he endured after getting injured. Fellow and former NFL tough guys accused Cutler of being weak.

Not that he hasn’t earned the reputation. Cutler was a whiny baby in Denver and his reputation followed him to the Windy City. Still, guys tweeting that Cutler punked out by not going back into the game.

With so many stories of retired NFL players lamenting that they don’t have the strength to play with their children and grandchildren because of injuries, I think the players attacking Cutler are way off.

True, Cutler SHOULD have been the rah-rah guy on the sideline cheering on his boys. That’s what leaders do. He didn’t and for that I criticize his actions. But as for going back into the game? Cut it.

His MCL is torn. Manning up does not equal being stupid about your body.

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