The Horrific Theological Implications of a Holding a Grudge

Yes, the title is long. But as I was loading the dishwasher, a thought came to me as I asked God why I cannot “let things go” when I get offended about something someone has said or done to me. I really felt that the Holy Spirit showed me the following:

1.) Jesus’ death on the cross dealt with both the power of sin and the PENALTY of sin.
2.) If someone has actually sinned against me, He alone has borne the penalty and has sole authority to deal with the sin.
3.) My offense is attempting to address what only God Himself can fully deal with. (This doesn’t mean that we as God’s people don’t confront and speak truth in God’s love)
4.) When I get offended, I must still love (agape) the person but leave the exacting of justice to Him because I WILL screw up the situation. Holding a grudge means I hang on to things God has already covered by the blood of His Son. YIKES!!!

God deliver me from holding a grudge!

One Thing to Do: RENEW your mind with a Bible verse and put it into PRACTICE.


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