Sovereign Grace Debacle & Southern Seminary

Now that SGM is doing damage control now that CJ Mahaney has stepped away from leadership to deal with sin in his heart, his supporters are stepping to the forefront including one very prominent leader: Southern Seminary’s own Al Mohler. I have written here before about what I think here and here.

That said, I am disturbed that Mahaney was ever careful to point out that his stepping away did not involve any kind of “immorality.”

Really CJ?

Sexual abuse isn’t immorality? The stories I have read about from various sources are heart rending. What I want to see is some serious submission to the Spirit on the part of all parties relevant to this growing story. I would also like to see how certain leaders like John Piper respond. It’s easy to tweet about theologically bankrupt books about hell but not so much when dealing with a topic like this.

As for Mohler’s support? While I don’t doubt Mohler’s loyalty to Mahaney, I must remember that money makes people do and say stupid things. If Southern Seminary can get out of the back pockets of SGM and Mahaney long enough to examine ALL the evidence (both pro and con) regarding SGM difficulties, then I could live with Mohler’s response.

For now, I can’t.


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