The Unofficial “Just Sayin” Usage List

Thanks to Jon Acuff’s awesome blog post for alerting me to the abuse of a such a powerful phrase. But I am aware that some are using the phrase to cover up mean streaks and wicked words.

That won’t do.

The Guard Rails for “Just Sayin” Usage
1. Never use the phrase with your spouse, particularly if you are a husband and the topic has to do with your wife’s weight or warddrobe.
Bianca: Honey, how do I look in this dress?
Tom: The dress is beautiful but would look a lot better if it wasn’t stretched by so much excess weight. Just sayin…
This is an invitation to a funeral. Don’t do it.

2. Never ever use “just sayin” in a ministry meeting with pastors, elders and team leaders or you will “just be finding a new church.”
Pastor: I am so pumped about the new sermon series.
You: Dude/Dudette, you’re preaching isn’t that good. The peeps are comin for the worship music. Just sayin…

3. Feel free to attach the words “in the love of Jesus” to “Just sayin” so that you will assuage your troubled conscience and still insult the other person.
Friend: The dinner was phenomenal, wasn’t it?
You: That guy couldn’t cook his way out of a paper bag. Just sayin’ in the love of Jesus. (also smile…that helps)

Anyone who has a problem with these guard rails for insulting others need a life. Just sayin….


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