Held Hostage by Culture?

Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks (my favorite place to drink coffee), pulled out of Willow Creek’s Leadership Summit over the issue of homosexuality and how Willow Creek had addressed the issue.

Willow had cut ties with Exodus International a couple of years ago but the news only recently leaked.

I hope this isn’t a trend but….

As the GLBT community gains power and continues to attack segments of the Church for championing biblical truth regarding sexuality, it will be interesting to see if churches seeking to engage culture will stand their ground or buckle in the name of “grace.” I believe that the Church should engage the GLBT community just as Jesus engaged the people of His day: grace AND truth–not one without the other.

For the record, I am not accusing Hybels (who is one of my favorite church leaders EVER) or Willow of doing so. But I am not too pleased that an online petition could have contributed to all this drama surrounding a leadership conference.


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