Learning from Zachary Tims’ Death

Much has been said about and made of television preacher/pastor Zachery Tims’ death at the age of 42 in a NYC hotel Friday. I’m not going to speculate (like some other news outlets) about how he died or why he was in NYC when his church was in Florida.

The Big Ideas

  • God’s grace is real.
  • Hold fast to the biblical pattern and demands of leadership. Stepping outside the guardrails of the Word will ALWAYS lead to disaster…always.
  • Accountability partners cannot be “Yes” men and women.
  • Make sure your circle of accountability is walking in integrity themselves. When they aren’t, they will not tell you the truth in love about your sin
  • TBN should have removed him from the air when he admitted having an affair—NOT to harm or embarrass him but to help him deal with the root causes and consequences of his sin.
  • Pastors need safe people and safe places where they can unload the baggage. I know what it is like to need to “unwind” and “decompress” in the midst of ministry. The problem is that too many church leaders today are decompressing the wrong way.

The Tims family, especially his four children, are in my thoughts and prayers as is his church family.


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