Complementarianism and the Titanic?

I have a deep and profound respect for John Piper. However, I was annoyed to see the following on my Twitter feed:

Taking a stand for your position is fine but using a tragedy that has nothing to do with the issue is ridiculous. Furthermore, Piper’s comment is a backhanded slap to men who are egalitarian since the clear inference here is that they really don’t value women and would protect their own lives before saving the lives of dying women.

Are men who believe that women, however valued and cherished they are, have no place in church leadership, more chivalrous? Bullstinky on that point. Sorry.


One thought on “Complementarianism and the Titanic?

  1. I. Too was concerned when ready this. Piper, who I have admired in the past is getting in to waters that muddy his rep

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