Part 2: The Missional God

The Missional, Covenant-Keeping God

Mission Defined

God missional activity is geared toward redressing the Genesis 3:6 problem—the fall of humanity.

Covenant was God’s means of setting apart for Himself a people who would reflect His redemptive power. I also believe that covenant was God’s way of revealing Himself a given community who did not know Him or walk in His ways.

God’s Missional Activity

  • Abrahamic Covenant (IN-FOR-THROUGH)
    • God initiates the contact and the covenant with Abram.
    • God promises to make Abram a great nation and bless him. (FOR)
    • God then promises to make Abram’s name great and to make Abram a blessing. (IN)
    • God promises to treat those who come into contact with Abram according to their treatment of Abram (FOR)
    • God promises that all the families of the earth will be blessed through Abram (THROUGH)

God’s activity for much of the Old Testament echoes of this covenant. God wanted a people for Himself who would walk in His ways and be a light for the nations. The missional God works things FOR His people but also works IN His people that He could work THROUGH them in order to reach those who do not know Him. There are a number of notable “converts” who respond to God’s grace. One of the best examples is Ruth, a Moabitess whose life was forever changed by God. She would become the grandmother of King David and a descendent of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Missional Implications

  • We as God’s people understand that whatever God chooses to do for us is not just about us but about what God will do THROUGH us to reach others.
  • We as God’s missional people lived set apart (sanctified) lives that shine the light on God’s righteousness and their need for Him.

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