Juss Sayin…For the Week 8/5-8/11


1. Busy is like kryptonite for commitment.
2. You genuinely commit to what you deem important even if what you commit to pales in importance to what you’re supposed to be doing.
3. Talk is not only cheap, it’s available for free on any street corner or website.
4. I’m an American and I HATE losing….PERIOD.
5. I’m overwhelmed by the flood of poor Adele covers on Youtube.
6. The Golden Rule is one of the hardest aspects of being of Christian for me personally.
7. I hate disloyalty in any arena whether it’s fictional or real life. It just plain stinks.
8. Prayer is REALLY, REALLY, REALLY important.


9. Do I really care about Gabby Douglas’ hair? For real?

10. There is no way in Gehenna that this year’s USA Men’s Olympic basketball team could have beaten the 1992 Dream Team. No way!

11. I really wanted to attend the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit. *Sigh*


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