5 Questions & and a Random Thought

For the upcoming week, I have 5 questions: 1.) How competitive will the GOP slate prove to be in Florida? 2.) Are the New England Patriots the greatest team ever put together in NFL history? (ugh, I shudder at the thought) 3.) Who will dominate the Oscar nominations Tuesday? 4.) If Edwards gets creamed in the next primary (which he probably will), will he drop … Continue reading 5 Questions & and a Random Thought

5 Questions

The burning questions on my mind this past week: 1.)  Do I have A.D.D.-like devotion to God? 2.)  Is there a place for expository preaching and teaching in the 21st-century church? 3.)  What in the world would Keith Green think of CCM? 4.)  What praxilogical (that can’t be a word) implications does 1 Corinthians have for the 21-century church? 5.)  Are Cubs’ fans as deceived … Continue reading 5 Questions