The Man-Centered Gospel of the Gospel Coalition & T4G

I have been fairly quiet about the nonsensical remaking of the gospel that has taken place in my theological ghetto called the reformed world. While some Reformed theologians would have you believe that Bishop T.D. Jakes is one of the biggest threats to biblical Christianity, I believe one of the biggest threats is in fact a home-grown bushel of bullstinky I dis-affectionately call “The Man-Centered … Continue reading The Man-Centered Gospel of the Gospel Coalition & T4G

The Jonah Syndrome in the Church

A forever friend of mine made a most profound statement to me regarding the salvation of a friend who was not very popular in the community. She stated that the church failed him because it failed to demonstrate the grace and gospel Jesus did. “The church is more like Jonah than he [the friend] was.” Ouch. Is it true? Does the Church of Jesus Christ … Continue reading The Jonah Syndrome in the Church

Dawkins and the Militant Atheism Crew

My favorite atheist Richard Dawkins is at it again. In an interview with CNN, Dawkins makes his case for militant atheism rooted in evolution as taught by the apostle of evolution himself Charles Darwin. Having already listened to some excerpts of his latest book, Dawkins’ outrageous (and near laughable) assertions about the absolute truth of evolution. Yet, people like Dawkins make it easier for me … Continue reading Dawkins and the Militant Atheism Crew


It appears to me that there is a disconnect between the Christ we evangelicals proclaim and the raggedy lives we live behind closed doors. How innocuous our testimony is in a culture that is slitting its own wrists with perversion and blind permissiveness. One of my dearest “sista from anotha mista” friends on the planets bemoans the lack of “Jesus” in Christians schools. In her … Continue reading Disconnect

Evangelical Manifesto

I just read through the Evangelical Manifesto and was very pleased to see some balance between passion and Christ-centered common sense. I particularly appreciated their understanding of the extremes within the church: revisionistic liberalism and conservative fundamentalism. Even more important was the section dealing with how Christians are supposed to live. Sometimes we’re so busy telling people how to live that we forget we’re supposed … Continue reading Evangelical Manifesto

Am I a Culturally Savvy Christian? A Few Thoughts

I got so excited about Kinnaman and Lyons’ unChristian that I forgot to post some more thoughts on another rim-rocking book that I finished about a month ago.  I posted a few powerful quotes from Dick Staub’s The Culturally Savvy Christian, a book I highly recommend to believers, especially those who are really interested in impacting culture for Christ in a non-cheesy, uncompromising way. To … Continue reading Am I a Culturally Savvy Christian? A Few Thoughts